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Lawn Care Catered to Your Specific Needs

Each yard is different due to plant life, soil, sun exposure, water availability and pests; we strive to make every yard achieve it's full potential. Keep in mind that a lawn care program that succeeds in one region may not work in another. Services include scalping (dethatching), aerating, soil testing, fertilizing and weed control.

Scalping and Aerating Services

Scalping, also known as dethatching, should be done mid-March to mid-April (possibly earlier after a mild winter or later after a severe winter). This allows the new growth of the lawn to come through easily without fighting to become established.

The first aeration of the year should be done 4 weeks after scalping the yard. The last aeration should be done no later than the end of August. Water management, nutrient availability, thatch accumulation and root development are all improved with frequent aeration.

Soil Testing, Fertilizer and Weed Control Services

Soil tests are recommended once a year to identify what nutrients your yard is lacking. This should be performed at the same time each year so that we can apply the nutrients needed for peak performance.

Once we have identified what nutrients your lawn needs most, we can use fertilizer to add back the nutrients that have been leached out of the soil. Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium are the 3 main numbers on a bag of fertilizer; each helps the lawn in different ways. There are other essential minerals for a healthy lawn, but theses are typically needed in small amounts. Soil testing will identify exactly what your yard needs.

We offer three fertilizer programs, all of which include weed control and pre-emergent. These treatments require time to take effect; do not expect results overnight! Pricing is determined upon viewing the home and lawn.

Every Other Month Monthly Service
Number of services/treatments 6 12
Pre-emergent and weed control (Spring & Fall) Included Included
Fertilizer & Weed Control IncludedIncluded
Humic Acid Not included March & Dec.
Sulfur Not included Nov.
12-2-2 fertilizer with expanded shale Not included Oct.

Lawn Watering and Mowing Tips

Lawns should be watered at least one day a week. Run the sprinkler system for 5-8 minutes per section. Repeat every 2 hours for a total of 6 times over a single night. Begin at 7pm, then repeat at 9pm, etc. This allows the water to soak in with minimal run off and gives the lawn a deep watering to last the entire week. Make sure your sprinklers are in good working condition!

A lawn can never be mowed too much. Mowing should be done at least once a week and no more then 1/3 of the blade of grass cut. This strategy helps the density, texture, color and root development of the grass. Also, make sure the mower blade is sharp to prevent tearing or shredding the leaf blade (fraying the tip of the grass blade). Grass that is mowed every other week will go into shock and will not look as good as a yard that is mowed weekly.