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Termites and Wood Destroying Insects

Wood destroying pests can cause major damage to your home. They are typically found in dead wood such as the 2x4s in your walls!

Inspection and Identification

If you find wood damage, we will perform a complete inspection and identify the cause. While termites are the most commonly known and recognized wood destroying pest, there are others that do as much damage to your home. Identifying the pest is an important step as it allows us to use the most effective treatments. We offer treatments for the following pests:

  • Termites
  • Carpenter Ants
  • Carpenter Bees
  • Wood Beetles

Pricing will vary depending on type of pest, infestation levels, location and type of service (see below).

Prevention and Treatment

Termites are prevented from reaching your home by placing termite bait stations every 10 feet around the exterior of your home (monitored quarterly). Termites are attracted to the bait and are killed before entering your home.

We treat termites inside the home by applying a foam termiticide to all points of entry and anywhere termite activity is seen. We also offer trenching services which create a complete barrier around the exterior your home. Termites are forced to cross the trench which contains termiticide, killing the termite and the colony.

If carpenter ants are found, the infected area will be treated with pesticide and bait. The ants carry the bait and pesticide back to their nest, killing the colony.

We treat carpenter bees and wood beetles with a pesticide that fills the void where they have burrowed into the wood. Wood beetles are typically found in older homes, and carpenter bees are usually found outdoors in areas such as wood decks or patios.

Termite Bait Station
Termite Bait Station